Open Line Paves a Smooth Path to the Cloud

Open Line Paves a Smooth Path to the Cloud

_As more companies move to hybrid-cloud environments, managed service providers like Open Line are leveraging Pure Storage solutions to make the journey seamless. _

As more companies move to the cloud, there’s growing demand for managed service providers (MSPs) that have expertise in hybrid cloud—providers that make the journey easy and cost-effective for their customers. The best providers also find ways to make operations easy and efficient behind the scenes. The more time and money they can invest in service innovation, the better the experience for customers.

In the Netherlands, Pure Storage® MSP partner Open Line BV is growing 30% year-over-year as it helps customers move to the cloud. Open Line specializes in supporting midsize organisations in healthcare, local government, and social housing. It provides sharply honed expertise in each of their customers’ industries and local regulations. It knows their businesses and applications inside and out. And Open Line is constantly driving toward greater service automation—including using AI for customer support. All of this sets Open Line apart from its competitors.

Now Open Line has a new competitive edge. The company can dial storage up or down as needed using Pure Storage FlashArray™ devices through the Pure as-a-Service™ subscription model, which turns storage into a utility. Open Line can respond faster to customer needs, whether by ramping up capacity for growing applications or deploying new workloads in the cloud. In some cases, the company can deliver hosted solutions weeks faster than before.

Staying in Lockstep with Customer Growth

Open Line knows customers never stop evolving, especially as they move more applications to the cloud. Their storage requirements ebb and flow over time—and they expect Open Line to respond seamlessly.

Open Line has gone a long way toward achieving this level of flexibility, scalability, and speed. By shifting storage to operational expenditures with Pure as-a-Service, the company can align its costs more closely with customer demand. It pays only for what customers use while scaling up capacity and performance as needed.

In terms of responsiveness and speed, Open Line delivers—and customers see the results every day. But one thing they don’t necessarily see is how much easier it has become for Open Line to manage their storage systems.

The Secret to Keeping Customers Happy: Make It Easier to Deliver

In the past, keeping up with customer demand meant constantly refreshing storage systems—up to nine migrations every year. With Pure, these frequent hardware migrations are a thing of the past, saving up to 90 days of work every year. Upgrades are non-disruptive. Deploying new VMs is quick, taking 10 minutes rather than 5 to 10 days. And the team no longer has to do storage planning to accommodate shifting customer workloads.

As a result, one person can do the work—rather than three or four. Open Line’s teams now have more time to focus on new initiatives that improve the customer experience, including service automation and AI-powered customer support.

Plus, the total cost of ownership for storage is lower overall. The FlashArray devices provide high performance with 16 fewer racks, less power consumption, and lower licensing costs. Open Line can deliver reliable, responsive services whether it’s supporting 250 end users or 5,000, and meeting the needs of customers as they grow.

Partnerships Drive Customer Success

Just as Open Line’s customers need a reliable partner to help them move to the cloud, Open Line itself relies on partners to help it meet and exceed customer expectations. As a partner to Open Line, we’re excited to see it all unfold—and glad to play a role in making the job a lot easier and more cost-effective.