Ideal cloud

Open Line's biggest strength is that we integrate cloud environments into an ideal, balanced but particularly well-managed cloud, which is perfectly in line with your wishes.

There are many clouds. We have made an art of using all these clouds to arrive at your ideal cloud.

Roland Kieboom - COO Open Line

Open Line services stack

What is a cloud?
Although people often refer to ‘the cloud’, in reality this cloud is always made up of multiple clouds. Data centres, private clouds, public clouds, various SaaS applications, the network, the workplace, etc. The cloud is actually the interplay of all these elements. Open Line's biggest strength is that we integrate these elements into an ideal, balanced but particularly well-managed cloud.

To ensure we can do so, we have defined a set of services that integrate the entire system. We do this primarily to deliver services that will facilitate you and your employees in a balanced manner. In our opinion, a managed service is more than the delivery of a portal, it also involves cooperation and being there at the right time.

Overview of our services
In the picture below, you will find an overview of our services in layers. Each service is described in detail in a very extensive products and services catalogue, which is the basis of the clarity of what you can expect from us.

At the heart of our services lies technology. They are supplied from our own tier 3 data centres, any data centres of the client and of course the public cloud. In almost all cases, reference is made to ‘cloud solutions’, but in our opinion this term is too generic.

The ideal cloud
It takes customisation to accommodate the interplay between technology, functionality, processes, procedures, solutions, suppliers and people into an ideal concept. A concept that has to develop in line with the technological possibilities and your company objectives.

And to take away one of your worries right away: at Open Line, every client has his or her own private virtual cloud. That's right, your own cloud!

You will want to know more about that!

Do you also want to have your head in the clouds? We understand that of course! Come and join us on our trip to the ideal cloud.

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