Collaboration between Open Line and Parsek successful

Samenwerking Open Line en Parsek succesvol

Bringing Health closer.

For two years, Open Line and Parsek have had a joint e-health service package on the Dutch market. This collaboration strategy has proved a solid foundation for a partnership upgrade. Both therefore signed a final Partnership Agreement in December 2019 that will continue the strategy, which focuses on providing a comprehensive e-health service in the Netherlands. Open Line has since acquired certification for sales, implementation and support of the Parsek Vitaly software services, which are part of Open Line's ‘e-Health platform as a Service’ solution. A solution for referral, MDTM, patient portal and VNA as a Service. Open Line is therefore taking its healthcare offering one step further. “We are very committed to solutions with a direct impact on healthcare, with added value for healthcare professionals AND patients!”

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