ENGIE acquires Open Line data centre in Landgraaf

ENGIE acquires Open Line data centre in Landgraaf

On 1 December 2019, ENGIE acquired the Open Line data centre in Landgraaf. This is a Tier 3 data centre similar to ENGIE’s other Open Line data centre at Maastricht Aachen Airport. ENGIE already managed the technical systems for this data centre. In the year ahead, ENGIE will make extra investments in both data centres.

The acquisition of the Open Line data centre aligns perfectly with ENGIE’s strategy to develop more Edge data centres in response to the current demand for digitalisation and IoT. Current and new clients of the ENGIE data centre at Maastricht Aachen Airport will from now on be able to twin either synchronously or asynchronously and therefore have an active fallback. Open Line is entering into a 7-year housing agreement with ENGIE.

Open Line is a Dutch ICT company with its head office in Maastricht and branches in Landgraaf, Eindhoven, Capelle a/d IJssel and Amsterdam. “This step intensifies our collaboration with ENGIE. Moreover, it gives us more leeway to focus on our managed services. All this with the reassurance that our data centre is in capable hands”, Michiel van Lamoen, CFO of Open Line, explains.

Patrick Keulen, Manager Smart Digital Operations at ENGIE: “Up until now, ENGIE handled the maintenance and management of the technical systems and now we can offer current and new clients an even more wide-ranging service.”

Expansion of data centre activities

For ENGIE, this acquisition means an expansion of its data centre activities. In the year ahead, extra investments will be made in both data centres. Patrick Keulen: “We are investing in the data centre in Maastricht Aachen Airport and Landgraaf to secure our data centre services in the years ahead. The investments are aimed mainly at safeguarding technical services. For example, everything needed for the core technology of a data centre: access protection, camera security, emergency power supply and cooling. Needless to say, additional attention is also being paid to cyber security expansion.”

ENGIE is always committed to sustainability. Green energy for both data centres is also being supplied by ENGIE. The expansion of the number of data centres means ENGIE can now also provide technologies such as synchronous twinning for its clients. In addition, existing clients of the ENGIE data centre at Maastricht Aachen Airport will have the option of regional alternatives in the case of emergencies. These regional backups will further increase availability.

Growth strategy for IoT

Edge data centres are ‘close-to-source’ data centres (literally: on the edge of a city or region) and these will become increasingly important in the years ahead. Not only to meet increased market demand due to the strong emergence of Internet of Things (IoT), but also for traditional colocation purposes. Patrick Keulen: “Building data centres is not an end in itself, but if the opportunity arises to acquire existing data centres, we will certainly consider it.”

Over ENGIE Nederland

ENGIE Nederland is een services- en energiebedrijf dat leiding neemt in duurzame verandering. In Nederland bestaat ENGIE uit ENGIE Services (marktleider in technische dienstverlening) en ENGIE Energie. Als één ENGIE spelen wij op een verantwoorde manier in op maatschappelijke ontwikkelingen. Dit doen we door bedrijven, lokale overheden en consumenten CO₂ neutrale oplossingen als dienst aan te bieden. Op maat en kostenefficiënt, zonder grote investeringen voor onze klanten. Onze 6.000 medewerkers helpen bedrijven, instellingen en consumenten met slimme innovatieve technische en digitale oplossingen, integrale duurzame gebiedsontwikkeling, energiezuinige smart building oplossingen, duurzame mobiliteits-oplossingen en een betrouwbare opwekking en levering van groene energie. ENGIE Nederland is onderdeel van de beursgenoteerde ENGIE Groep met wereldwijd 160.000 medewerkers en een omzet van 60,6 miljard euro in 2018.

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